Response from Engr. Nestor Ardiente on the Naming Rights recognition

The University, through the announcement of Fr. President Frederick Comendador, OSA, granted the Naming Rights of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Conference Room to Engrs. Nestor and Edith Ardiente in recognition of their contributions as alumni. The NMR Conference Room will now be called the ARDIENTE-MIJARES HALL through the Agreement Signing Ceremony held Last February 20, 2023 at the President’s Conference Room.

The Agreement Signing Ceremony between the University, through Fr. President Frederick Comendador, OSA, and Engrs. Nestor and Edith Ardiente

The “Power Couple” with Fr. President

With the Augustinian Friars (L-R): Fr. Mamerto Alfeche, OSA (Regent of the Alumni); Fr. Pederito Aparece, OSA (2nd from Right – University Registrar); and Fr. John Louis Ricamora, OSA (PEAR Director).

L-R: Elmer Tolosa (Academic Supervisor, Mechanical Engineering); Arch. Antoine Geoffrey Coo (Dean, College of Technology); Dr. Regina Aileen May Vergara (3rd from Right – Vice President for Academic Affairs); Mary Grace Sabadisto (Academic Supervisor, Interior Design); and Nolan Tolosa (Academic Supervisor, Chemical Engineering).

L-R: Gilda Rivero (former Dean, Pharmacy); Dr. Asuncion Faro (2nd from Right – USAAA President); and Hazel Hidrosollo (USAAA Treasurer).

With Team Philanthropic, External and Alumni Relations (PEAR) L-R: Leolette Hubag (Asst. Director, PEAR); Fr. John Louis RIcamora (Director, PEAR); and Ivan Canonicato (Office Assistant, PEAR).

Engrs. Nestor and Edith Ardiente, along with Ma’am Gilda Rivero check out the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Conference Room now named Ardiente-Mijares Hall

A visit to the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Laboratory. The Ardiente couple was welcomed by Dr. Jonel Saludes, Associate Vice President for Research and Global Relations.

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